Cloud Computing’s Positive Effect on Healthcare

August 30, 2017 in Cloud Services

cloud computing in healthcare

The use of cloud computing in healthcare is now widely adopted. What are the revolutionizing effects of this?

How is cloud computing improving the quality of care for the patients? It seems there’s a huge potential to reach limits we thought weren’t possible in healthcare. How come? If you think about how much data is handwritten, it’s not a simple shift.

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5 Tips on How to Use Google Drive Like a Pro…

August 23, 2017 in Cloud Services

For those who bow down to Google and its hugely successful “Drive”, we’ve got some really useful tips to share on how to use Google Drive more efficiently – some of which you may know, others may still be a secret to you.

Even if you’re a Microsoft OneDrive fan who refuses to budge, Google Drive never fails to impress. After all, it’s free, cloud-based, ideal for collaborating, and always up to date.
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Stop Using Platforms From Multiple Cloud Storage Services and Access Them From One Single Place

August 9, 2017 in Product, Tips & Tricks

scrap multiple cloud drives

The Cloud is growing every year and so are the number of people using the technology. To avoid unnecessary expenses, we often sign up for multiple cloud drives offering free space. This makes it hard to keep track of your files and content.

Yes, the cloud is a growing IT area in global use. Both companies and individuals are somewhat, if not totally reliant on this remote server technology. Because of this growth, many popular cloud drives show up offering almost the same product. When you suddenly want to collaborate with a friend or colleague that use a different cloud storage service, you find yourself in a situation where you might have to sign up to yet another one. Another way of ending up with the problem of handling multiple cloud drives is through our never-ending urge to avoid spending money on thing we think is unnecessary.

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