The Basics of How Cloud Storage Really Works

October 25, 2017 in Cloud Services

how cloud storage works

Cloud storage is getting more and more popular, both as a solution for business and private use. Still, there’s plenty of people out there asking how cloud storage works. So, let’s look at this subcategory of what Cloud Computing is. First of all, it’s worth noting these are both very different.

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5 Ways to Subtly Convince Your Boss to Work in the Cloud

October 11, 2017 in Cloud Services
  1. Advantages of cloud computing

Among the many advantages of cloud services is the way it helps companies grow and make it more versatile. Here’s how to convince your boss to make the necessary changes in your company.

There are so many benefits to moving your business’ data and information to the cloud. So much so that it may appear that the facts and examples should speak for themselves.
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