5 Things Most People Wrongly Assume About Cloud Computing

December 20, 2017 in Cloud Services

cloud computing myths that sceptics can't let go of

Cloud computing has become an incredibly useful tool for small startups and large businesses, but also individuals. Still, many skeptics stand fast on their opinions.

When companies decide to migrate to IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, they’re able to access top-of-the-line resources for their computing needs. The bonus is that traditional costs associated to on-site hardware, like buying/installing/upgrading hardware, are something to leave in the past.

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Meet the people: A day in the life of our CEO

December 8, 2017 in Careers

Meet our CEO Phillip

There’s never really a normal day at the office for this guy. Being the CEO of a Nordic startup company, Phillip is constantly doing something to keep the clouds moving 🙂

After multiple years working for companies big and small Phillip has noticed the challenges both professionals and individuals face on a global scale. One key change has been the emergence and adoption of cloud services in daily life from every corner of the internet. But how did he catch up on that?

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