Do you use multiple cloud storage services with files everywhere? You could be heading for what we like to call “cloud storage chaos…”

Is cloud storage chaos even a real thing? Turns out it is. Ask anyone who uses a cloud storage service to store all their files. Whether it’s for work, personal or both, you can bet at some point they’ve been asked by someone else if they use a totally different cloud storage service to the single one they’re already comfortable using.

What happens next is they frantically sign up for another one. Now they’ve got not one, but two cloud storage and sharing solutions to keep tabs on. Initially it doesn’t seem so bad, but this process often repeats itself, until someone now has a multitude of cloud storage services to keep tabs on.

Herein lies the problem

Why “cloud storage chaos”?

Now what seemed like a super convenient way to store all your files has just evolved into a chore. This is actually one of the problems cloud technology is supposed to solve.

The truth is that there are many platforms designed so that you keep within one single cloud ecosystem. Now that would be simple. But life and business isn’t like that.

In case you weren’t aware, these well-known cloud storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Apple’s iCloud Drive…to name a few.

Ever wondered why someone might use multiple cloud storage services apart from the ability to sync with clients, colleagues and friends? Here’s the answer……FREE STORAGE.

A snapshot of what some of the different cloud storage services offer for free:

Undoubtedly the free space is great – even if it’s just a limited amount of data. Now of course there’s no need to worry about safely storing documents, files, photos and anything else on your computer’s hard drive because it’s in safe hands: in the cloud.

Even if you signed up to just the aforementioned free cloud storage services, you’d have yourself some 37GB of storage. This would cost you nothing but a little time to set them up. Other such cloud storage services like MEGA are now offering a massive 50GB for free!

But this still won’t solve your issue

To avoid what we call “cloud storage chaos”, you’ll want these cloud storage services to be managed effectively and seamlessly, otherwise life becomes just a little bit more stressful. Ultimately, more and more people are crossing over with their cloud storage, and having it organized in one place is the best solution.

Correlate is design exactly for this purpose, as it’s a tool that let’s you connect all your cloud storage services in one place. This lets you organize all your files stored across cloud services, and save time you spend looking for files and content that you thought you’d lost. Take a look at what Correlate has to offer.