Software directory websites can help you out big-time when you’re trying to find the right cloud service for your business. Almost every single cloud service worth looking into are present on one or more of these directories. If you’re looking of a place to promote your cloud service, these websites are a great way of doing so.

In case you’re not aware, software directory websites are a sub-market of a much larger market called online directory websites. You’ve probably heard the success stories of AirBnB, TripAdvisor, YouTube and more. All these services are part of sub-categories of online directory websites.

Many software directory websites are set up to collect reviews of the services they list. That way the reader can get an idea of what the services existing users think of it. As the meaning of other users are often valued highly when considering the possibility of adopting a new service, these review directory websites can be quite useful.

Anyway, let’s have a look at our favorite free software directory websites available:

Product Hunt

Product Hunt isn't just a software directory website. It's also a place to find new cool gadgets and devices.

Product Hunt is an all-around software directory website that can be useful for both business and private users alike. There’s a ton of fancy new apps and innovations published on the website every day.

But the thing that makes the software directory so incredibly popular is the community they’ve built up. People are so helpful and nice. It’s not really a place you go to judge services. It’s a place where people help each other out.

One thing that’s really awesome about Product Hunt is their integration with Slack. You and your team can get updates when something new and exciting gets added to a specific category in Product Hunt.


G2Crowd is a great option for finding B2B services.

G2Crowd focus on collecting reviews for business-related services and not so much for personal use. While the main business model for G2Crowd is to gather up reviews and sell data and market reports, they’ve opened up the individual reviews for the public.

The software directory website have a high focus on the validity of the reviews. Any new signup needs to register with their Linkedin profile. Then when a user submits a review, it gets screened manually by a member of G2Crowds verification team.

Another awesome thing with G2Crowd is that they encourage their users to review software by providing gift cards, competitions and reputation points.


TrustPilot is sort of placing itself in the middle of Product Hunt and G2Crowd, focusing on a wider range of services than G2Crowd.

While G2Crowd mostly focus on the B2B approach, TrustPilot aligns itself closer to Product Hunt in this area. You can find reviews on mostly anything, even though it may be even more random stuff to find on Product Hunt.

Another thing that separates TrustPilot from G2Crowd is that they’ve opened up their reviews to a wider audience. You can choose to sign up with either an email address or with Facebook, showing that they don’t just focus on the B2B side.

Still they claim that they value the importance of real reviews. Read more about how TrustPilot validate their reviews here.


AlternativeTo is great for finding replacement services for those you're already using.

AlternativeTo has a quite funny approach to the whole concept of software directories. Instead of looking for a category of services you are considering to adopt, they ask you to visit the AlternativeTo profile pages of the services you already use, and then look at a list with a bunch of alternatives to consider. This makes it very easy for you to find a tool that can replace something you have, but makes it a bit harder to find a completely new tool.

When it comes to reviews and submitting an alternative to a service, they manually review all of them. In order for a new app can be listed as an alternative to another app, it needs to have the same main task or focus.


With Capterra, it's easy to compare different options.

Capterra puts themselves very close to G2Crowd. They mostly focus on providing reviews on the B2B side. The business model for Capterra is that they charge the businesses that receive traffic through their platform. That way it’s completely free for all readers looking for new software.

One thing that’s really cool about Capterra is their comparison feature. Here’s how it works: each tool added to Capterra gets a list of features they have. This way you get an indication of what they provide for you. On top of that, every time someone reviews a services, they have to grade the services customer service, overall experience and so on. With Capterra, you can put two competing services up against each other and compare these two areas, and more, with each other to find out what service is the best one for you.