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When creating a Correlate Map you have two options for where you can create it; between Personal Maps and Team Maps. Here’s our tips for how to work with multiple Map Tabs.

Decide which Maps need to be available for everyone

Team Maps are Maps available for every user you decide to invite for each specific map. So if all maps everyone created was to be created as a Team Map, it would be very hard to navigate through all those Maps. That’s why we recommend you to decide as a team (or take matters into your own hands as an owner) what kind of Maps should be publicly accessible for everyone.
A nice tip when you consider creating a new Team Map is to think “is this kind of information useful for all my teammates?”. If the answer is “yes”, then go ahead and create a new Team Map. If not, you should consider one of the other tabs.

Create Teams based on departments

When working in a company, you don’t necessarily want all employees to have access to every single Map. An example would be that the employees in the Marketing department shouldn’t have access to classified information that the HR department are working on.
A good tip would be to create a group for each of your company’s departments. That way, your Marketing people can easily share information amongst themselves, while your HR department can do the same.
In the example below, you can see that Kon-Tiki Travel Agency have set up a Teams for their Sales-, HR  department and another one for a fun little Party planning committee.

Use Personal for personal projects

Personal Maps are only accessible for you, unless you choose to share a Map. If you are working on something by yourself, with only one of two colleagues, or only external people without access to your Team maps, Personal  is where you should create your Map.
So, after reading this article, did you just notice that there’s a better way of balancing Personal and Team Maps ? Click here to read more about how you move Maps between your available tabs.

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