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The Cloud Bar is what we call the thin strip with icons of all your connected cloud services to the left of your Correlate Interface. It’s used to choose what account you would like to browse through in the Cloud Layer.
The Cloud Bar is divided into three sections:
Alone at the top, you can find the icon for accessing the Cloud Search feature. This lets you search across all your connected cloud accounts. The feature is marked with this icon in the Cloud Bar.
In the middle section, you can find icons for all the cloud accounts you’ve connected to Correlate. This list would look different depending on how many and what services you’ve already connected to Correlate.
In the lower section, you’ll find the option to add a new cloud account to your list of connected accounts. Click here to learn more about how you can connect new cloud accounts to Correlate.
The list of connected cloud accounts does by standard only show the icons of each cloud service your cloud account is registered on. By clicking on the arrow at the bottom of your Cloud Bar, you can expand the Cloud Bar and see the name for each cloud account. After you’ve connected a new cloud account with Correlate its name will be the same as what the cloud service is called. So if you connect a new Google Drive account, that accounts name in Correlate would just be Google Drive. Click here to learn more about how you can change the name of your cloud account.

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