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Correlates powerful Cloud Search allows you to find files and emails by searching for them, even when you don’t remember what service or account it’s stored on.
When you have multiple email addresses or cloud drives, it can be hard to find files long lost. Even when just using one cloud service with a single account it can be hard to find your way back to files or emails that you haven’t touched for a while.
When using multiple cloud accounts, it adds another level to the chaos. You can’t just have to worry about what folder or category it’s located under anymore, you also have to keep tabs on what account it’s stored on.
Cloud Search can be found on the Cloud Bar, on top of all your connected cloud accounts – in the left corner. It’s highlighted with this icon:
In order for you to find Cloud Search useful, you should connect more than one cloud account to Correlate. Click here to learn how you connect new cloud accounts after signing up to Correlate. After that, a normal search using Cloud Search would look something like this:
After you’ve found the file or email you were looking for, you can easily bookmark it inside a Correlate Map using the simple drag&drop concept. Click here to learn more about how you bookmark items in a Correlate Map.

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