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Correlate is a collaboration tool, and you can even add comments and discuss with your colleagues inside a map.  This is also very useful if you are working at different places or at different times.

If you want to add a comment to an item, just click on the “Comment” icon on the right side of the screen.

A field for the comment will appear, and you can type a message to the topic.  This field will appear and be visible for all those who have access to the map.

If someone has added a comment to an item in the map, you will see a sign as shown below;

your colleagues will also see the sign, and can respond to you. Here you see how it looks:

If you want to respond, move the cursor below the field and add your reply.

The collaboration has started, and you can continue to add comments.

If you want to change or delete a comment you have given, it can be done via the triple dots in the left corner of the comment. Click on the dots and the options of “Edit” or “Delete” will appear.

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