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One of the great things you can do in Correlate is to work with multiple cloud accounts at the same time. You can easily access files and content stored within them by searching and browsing for files stored on different accounts.
But before you can do this, you’ll need to connect your accounts with your Correlate account. When signing up to Correlate, you’re asked to integrate with at least one cloud drive account. But after signup you’re still able to add more cloud accounts to you Correlate account. Here’s how you do it:

There’s a number of ways to manage and connect new cloud accounts in Correlate. You can use the cloud bar, or manage them inside Settings. Let’s start out with the quick and easy one:

In the Cloud Bar

To add new cloud accounts directly from the Cloud Bar, you can simply click on the “+”-sign right beneath the cloud accounts that you’ve already connected to Correlate.
After you’ve clicked on the “+”-sign, a window pops up showing all the available cloud services you can add to Correlate. Click on “Add new” next to the cloud service you have an account on.
the dropdown menu that appears after clicking on the +-button
After you’ve chosen a service to integrate, chose the account you want connect with and verify that you own it. Every single service has it’s own way of verifying you, but here’s an example of how it looks when you try to connect Google Drive with Correlate.
the window that appears when you try to connect a new google drive account
Using the Cloud Bar is the quick and easy way of connecting new cloud accounts in Correlate. There’s also the more advanced option, which is through the Settings menu. If you need to manage more aspects of your cloud accounts, like changing their display name or removing those you’ve already added, the Settings menu is the place to go.

In the Apps & Integrations Settings menu

To connect new cloud accounts in Correlate using the Settings menu, click on the image in the top right corner of the Correlate interface. When using your Personal maps, this image will be your profile picture or a placeholder if you haven’t added one yet. For Team maps, it will be your Team Icon.
When clicking on the icon, a dropdown menu appears. Click on “My settings” to move on.
This link will send you over to the Settings category called “My settings”. Here you’ll find information about all your connected cloud accounts. Under “Integrations” you can find a list of all your connected cloud accounts and add new ones.
The list of connected cloud accounts under My Settings
If you click on “Add integration”, a dropdown menu shows up with a list of all available cloud services you can connect with Correlate. Choose the service you would like to add.
Choosing a new cloud service to integrate with

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