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Removing integrations from your account is sometimes necessary, like if you accidentally connect the wrong cloud account or need to make room for a brand new one. Here’s how you do it.
To start with, open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your Correlate interface. Choose “My Settings”.

You’ll then see a list of all your connected accounts. There’s a bunch of different stuff you can do to your integrations on this page, but let’s focus on how to remove integrations for now.

In the list of different cloud accounts, you can see a big “X” to the right of each one. To remove an integration, click on the “X” connected to the right of that integrations name.
NB! If you have more than one account connected from the same service, all accounts will have the same name when you connect them with your Correlate account. Make sure that you remove the correct account.

PS: When you remove an integration, all the items you have added from that account will still be available in your Maps. If you want to remove all information that you’ve added to Correlate from that integration, you will need to delete them one by one inside the Maps you’ve added the items to.

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