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You can connect multiple cloud accounts to Correlate, even two or more accounts from the same cloud service. But when the amount of accounts start to pile up, it gets hard to navigate through the Cloud Bar. Here’s our tips for how to make your life a little bit easier.
After upgrading to a Standard Plan, you can connect as many cloud accounts as you want to Correlate. This could make you connect more than 4 cloud accounts, which means you’ll without a doubt connect more than one account from one of the available cloud services.

Rename your cloud accounts

All new connected cloud accounts are named based on what cloud service they’re from. This means that every time you connect a new cloud account from for example “Google Drive”, that new account will be named “Google Drive” in Correlate.
Renaming your new cloud accounts is a good way to keep track of what the purpose for your that account is. Look at the animation below to learn how it’s done.
After you’ve renamed your cloud account, the new name will show up two places in Correlate:
Inside the Cloud Layer
In the expanded section of your Cloud Bar

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