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Your schedule is probably as busy as it is for the rest of us. That’s why you can plan ahead using a task list in Correlate so you don’t forget to do something your boss or your better half asked you to do.
To create a checkbox in Correlate, create a new item. Then right-click on the item to bring up edit options. Click on the link called checkbox highlighted below.
You can use checklists for a number of different things in Correlate. Here’s two examples for you:
Even if you’re just painting the walls in one of your many rooms at home, there’s a lot of small tasks that you can’t forget to do. You’ll have to spackle the walls, buy the right paint, put on multiple layers of paint, so on and so on. To make sure all these tasks gets done correctly, you can set up a checklist in Correlate.
By adding links to the checkbox for buying paint, you can know exactly what paint you want and what color. Maybe it would help to find a tutorial online showing you how to apply spackle?

Making sure documents are completed

This is probably my favorite way of using checklists in Correlate. Since all item types can have a link connected to it, you’re also able to add a link to a checkbox. So if you add a document from one of your cloud accounts into Correlate, you can convert that item into a checkbox. Whenever that document are written and read through a couple of times for spell checking and so, you can check off the box and let your team know that the document is completed and ready for use.

After a project is done

When you’ve finished up your checklist, we recommend you to delete the Map to keep things organized on your Mapboard. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the Maps card and choose “Delete”.

If you’re not comfortable deleting the Map, you can use one of your color categories or a label to mark the Map as “Not in use” or “Archived”.

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