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When you set up a Team Map, you have as an owner or administrator a couple of other settings options. These settings will be visible and have an effect for all members of your Team.

In addition to the settings options you get with any account in Correlate, you can as an owner or administrator of a Team:

Team Icon

Your Team Icon is how you identify your Team for other Team members to recognize it. This means that it will show up next to your Team Name inside the Settings menu and on your Map Board on the right side when you are working within that Team Bar.
As an owner or administrator of a Team, you have the permissions to change the Team Icon. You can either do that by dragging & dropping an icon into the big grey box tagged with “Drop image here”, or you can click on “Choose file” and browse through files stored on your computer.
After you’ve found a fitting icon that describes your team, you may need to fit the image using our selection tool. Just scale the dotted frame to choose what part of the image you would like to display.
After that, all you have to do is click “Upload icon”.

Team Name

As another way of identifying your team, you set a Team Name when creating Team Map. The name can be changed inside the settings menu under the tab Visual Preferences in the left side menu.
The Team Name can be changed just by clicking on the name written inside the gray box next to the description of what Team Name is. Type in whatever you would like to name your team, but remember that it needs to be something that makes your team members and future team members recognize it. The name is shown when someone is invited to join your Team or when a team member switches from a different account to the Team Account.

Managing Team members

You can manage your Team Members under the Members tab in the left menu inside Team Settings. Here you’re able to change permissions for your Team Members, promote new administrators, and give someone else the ownership of your Team Map.
You can also invite new members to your Team Map. Depending on what permission settings you’ve given to regular Members of your Team, all Team members can invite new members to your Team.
Click on the big blue button at the bottom of your Correlate Interface.
After you’ve clicked on the button, a pop-up screen appears. Type in the email address of the one you would like to invite to your Team and click “Invite”.
After inviting a new Team Member, click on the “Pending” tab to get an overview of who’s invited but haven’t accepted it yet.

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