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When you are creating a new Map, you can either choose to create it to be accessible for all team members as a Team Map, or as a Personal map only visible for you.  Sometimes you create these Maps in the wrong place, so it’s important to know how to move them between these two layers of Correlate.
First of all, find the Map you want to move on your Mapboard. It can be under a specific group, as a Team Map, or on your Personal Map level, depending on where you created it. In this example, we’ll look at how to move a Map from Personal to the Team Maps level.
Once you’ve found your Map, click on the three dots in the right top corner of the card.
A dropdown menu will then appear, where you have many different choices. In this case, all you have to think about is the “Move” link. Go ahead and click on it.
The next pop-up box may look slightly different depending on how many teams you have.
Choose the team you want to move your map to. When you have clicked on the Team, the map is moved and will be accessible for all the members in that team.

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