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There’s plenty of settings used to modify your Personal Account. These can be related to your account security, how you work in Correlate or how others will recognize you and your account.
Here’s all the different settings you can modify your account with:
To get started on working with your account settings, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your Correlate interface (1) and click on My Settings (2).

Profile Picture

Your Profile picture will help others to recognize you inside Correlate. Together with your username, it’s the most essential piece of information to show who you are to others. Your profile picture will be shown several places in Correlate, like on Maps you own, Items and Maps you recently made changes to, and in the list of team members if you are part of a Team.
If you’re in a Personal Map, your profile picture will also be shown at the top right corner of your Correlate Interface, helping you to recognize which account you’re on right now.
Keep it simple, friendly and open, so your teammates can see how cool you are!
To upload a new profile picture to your account, go to the Account tab on the settings menu to the right.
You can either drag&drop a picture into the grey area marked below (1), or you can click on the “Choose file” button (2).
After you’ve chosen a good-looking image of yourself, or something else people can recognize you with, scale the image so it fits with the right size. After that, all you have to do is click “Upload icon”.


Right below the Profile Picture settings, you’ll find the section covering your username and password.
Along with your profile picture, your username is information about you that help others recognize you on a personal level. An username can either be a nickname you prefer to be called by, or just your real-life first name.
In the screenshot below, you can see how a Map gets tagged with the owners username on a Correlate Mapboard.
To change your username, simply click on the grey box containing your existing username and type in whatever you would like your username to be.
After you’ve done any changes to your username, click on the “Save” button at the end of the section.

Change your password

Along with your email address, you’ll need to have a password set for your account. When you signed up to Correlate, you chosed a password, but we recommend you for security reasons to change it every once in awhile. Here’s how you do it:
In the Account tab, scroll past the settings sections with your Profile Picture, email address and username. Click on the big button called “Change current password”.
A pop-up message appears where you’ll have to confirm that you actually want to change your password. Click “Yes” to move on.
After that you’ll receive an email address with a link. We’re sending this out to confirm that it’s actually you who are trying to change the password. Click on the big blue link tagged “reset password” in the middle of the email.
You’ll then be redirected back to correlate.com, where you’ll have to type in the new password for your account.
After that, your password is changed. Try logging in and out using the new password to make sure that it worked.

Manage time preferences

You can modify Correlate to fit your time preferences using a wide range of settings. You’re able to change time zone, modify what day is the first to start the week, what order the different levels of time is presented when writing the date and the hour format.
To edit your time preferences, you first have to move over to the tab in the settings menu called “Time” which is located under “My settings”.
After that, you’ll window should look something like this.
Keep in mind that the automatic detection of the timezone you’re in is on by default. If you want to keep the same timezone at all times, remember to turn this off before choosing a new one.

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