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There’s several of ways to share a Map. You can use Team Maps, or share Personal maps via email. These methods only give access to a selected few people, but if you want to allow and make it easy for as many people as possible to access your Map, you can generate a public link.
There are two ways of sharing a Map publicly:

Sharing a Map on the Mapboard

To share a Correlate Map from the Mapboard, click on the share icon that shows up when you hover over the Map card.
After that a pop-up screen will show up. Click on the link highlighted in the screenshot below. Keep in mind that after clicking on this link, anyone with the generated link will have access to your Map. So avoid sharing Maps publicly if you have sensitive information on them.
Finally, you just have to copy the link and share it whatever way you want.

Sharing a Map while you’re viewing it’s content

When you’re inside a Map working on it, you can click on the circle with two people at the top right corner.
The final steps after clicking on that link is the same as when you share a Map straight from the Mapboard.

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