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Collaboration is a key concept in Correlate. In order to collaborate with other users, a Map must be shared. When using a Team Map, all Maps created for the Team will be automatically shared with team members. If you want to learn how to share a Map with someone else, here’s how you’ll do it:

First, you go into the map you want to share. Then click on the round icon with two heads inside it, on the top right side of your Map interface.
From here on, you can choose between two methods of sharing. Sharing with a specific email address, or sharing it publicly

Sending an invite to a specific email address

The first one is a more private and secure method of sharing. This ensures that only the owner of the email address you’ve sent the invite to has access to your Map (other than you and any other you’ve previously shared it with of course).
First of all, type in the email address you want to share the Map with in the text box.
After that you can choose to edit the permissions for the person you’re sharing it with. You can choose to give them edit permissions, or just the permission to view the Map. If you click on “Sharing settings” on the right side of the “Send” button, you can add more advanced restrictions to those you share the Map with.
Finally, all you have to do is click send. That’s it!

Sharing a Map publicly

Now, if you want to give multiple people access at the same time, or just let people without a Correlate user the chance of reading your Map, you have the choice of sharing it as a link.
Next up you’ll have to click on the big black button with “Confirm” written on it. Be aware though, once you click on that button, everyone that has the link will have access to your Map. If there’s sensitive information on the Map, we recommend you to share it directly to their email addresses.
Correlate has now generated a publicly accessible link to your Map. Click on the link to view your own Map, or click on the highlighted icon below to copy it so you can share it with whomever you want.

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