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Correlate is a collaboration tool. In order to start collaborating with others you’ll have to either receive an invite to a Correlate Map from someone else, or share a Map with others. A third option is to create Team Maps.

Sharing a Map

Sharing a Correlate Map can be done in different ways, and can be divided into manual sharing and automatic sharing.
Manually sharing can be done by sharing a Map publicly, giving everyone with the link access to read the Map and open links inside it, or sharing it privately by sending an invite to a specified email address. Read more about how you share a Map by clicking here.
Automatic sharing is only possible when using a Team Map. With a Team Map, additional tabs (depending on how many teams you are a member of) will be available on your Mapboard.
If you create a Map under Team +, this will be shared automatically with all your team members. You can read more about Team Maps by clicking here.

Receiving an invite to a Map

If someone shares a Map with you using your email address, you’ll receive an email for us with the link to the Map. If the person who shared the Map with you only gives you Read Permissions, you don’t have to sign up to Correlate to see its content.
If you receive Edit Access, on the other hand, you’ll have to sign up for an account (unless you already have one). The link will then send you directly to the register page. Click here to learn how you sign up for an account in Correlate.
When you’re done with the signup process, you’ll find the Map under the tab “Shared”.

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