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When you are on a Standard plan, you can create as many Correlate Maps as you want. When the amount starts to pile up, it can be hard to navigate through them. Here’s our tips for how you can work efficiently using multiple Maps.

Create a name you can recognize

Naming your Maps is very critical when you work in Correlate, especially when new ones keep popping up around every corner. The name should be based on how you work in Correlate and what you use it for.
Let’s look at Kon Tiki Travel Agency as an example. Each Travel Agent creates Maps under Personal that they name based on what customer the Map is made for. Whenever the Agent responsible for The Wahlberg Family needs to pull out some information about that customer, he/she can just search for “Wahlberg” using the search bar on the Mapboard and it will show up.
On the homefront, a Map could be called something based on a hobby or a home renovation project. An example could be to name a Map “Babyroom 2017” and gather inspiration, paint-colors, links to furniture you could buy etc.

Color-code and label your Maps

After you’ve signed up for Correlate, you should start thinking about what you’re going to use the available color categories for. The categories are given some names by default, but you can change this at any time. Click here to read more about color-codes and how you change their name.
Since there’s only six color categories available you should use these on a very general level as categories. If you want to be more specific in how you categorize your Maps, you should start labeling them. A great example for marketers would be to have a color category called “Marketing” and then label all Maps related to social media with “social media”.
Another way to balance labels and categories is to use color categories to mark out topics, and use labels to highlight how important the individual Maps are.
When you’ve figured out the right way for you to use color-codes and labels, you can start filtering out Maps on you Mapboard.

Star out your most important Maps

If you’re not using all your Maps at once, a good trick is to Star out all the Maps you’re working on at the time.
Another way to use Stars is to give them to your most important Maps. This could be the Map for one really important customer or a Map containing your favorite bookmarks for blogs you read regularly.

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