Our privacy policy is intended to let you know what and how we store personal data needed in order to have an account and use Correlate. An updated version is always available at www.correlate.com. The guideline we have chosen is the new General Data Protection Regulation just updated by the EU. Before we dive into the details we want you to know that we take personal data serious, any weird terms is strictly for legal purposes. Also note that since Correlate works with third-parties such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive their privacy policies will govern how your files are stored and your account there!

1. Data controller and processor

The data controller is who decides what data is needed and what we do with it, and who we share it with. The controller is also responsible for your personal data, and for your account at Correlate it’sCorrelate AS.

2. Why we need personal data

We need personal data to create your account. Minimum a working e-mail, but we also collect your name so we can be a bit more personal in our communication. By using our service you give your consent to storing this information. We get this information when you create your account.

We also collect your browser information such as language and location in order to give you the right translation of Correlate and to help us decide what languages we should focus on for translations.

3. Voluntary disclosure of personal data

A working e-mail is required to use our service, if you choose to give us a false name, we can live with that. Knowing your browser settings such as languages and more is also required.

4. Disclosure of personal data

We are in the business of creating an efficient way to manage your digital life, not in selling personal data. That being said, we would like to scramble your personal data and use it to find other people that might want to use Correlate as well. By using Correlate you let us use your e-mail to create target groups for advertisement. This data is aggregated and it will not be possible to track it back to you.

5. Accessing and deleting your data

When you close your account all personal data will be removed from Correlate. This is an automated process. If you want to confirm that everything is gone, contact our privacy officer at privacy@correlate.com. Off course all your files and content stored in 3d party services will remain stored where you have them.

At all times your personal data is accessible from your profile/account page. This includes how and where you can update your communication preferences. This and the previous point is all covered by Norwegian law and any updates to Norwegian law will apply.

6. How your personal data is secured

Accessing your personal data is only done on request or when you login to your Correlate account. All data remain encrypted when stored.

7. Contact us

For any questions regarding privacy contact us at privacy@correlate.com