Correlate gives you the tools to keep everything in one place

Bookmark everything, take notes and create checklists. Organize your entire life using one single app.

The concept of bookmarking

Tired of looking everywhere online before you find your way back to a piece of content? We got you covered! Bookmark anything you want with one simple Drag&Drop function in Correlate.

The concept of note-taking

Taking notes have never been easier. Write down ideas for your next big business idea or take notes during meetings. Enhance your notes by adding links to even bigger documents or web sites.

The concept of checklists

Save time by setting up task lists in Correlate. That way you can be a hundred percent sure that everything gets done according to schedule. If time’s running out, sharing the list with others is a great way to ask for an extra hand too.

 Enhance the way you find and organize your stuff

Connect cloud accounts

Browse through files and content stored on your cloud accounts


Share any projects in Correlate with whomever you want


Bookmark anything with a simple drag&drop functionality

Real-time collaboration

Work together with colleagues, friends and family in real-time

Let’s you search across all your cloud accounts

Team Maps

Set up a Team map to quickly share projects with your team

Color-coding & Labels

Organize your projects to easily find your way back to them

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